Posted by on 01/05/2017

Veteran high school and college football coach Jeff Brickman has taken the head coaching position at Newcastle.  Brickman joined the Southmoore staff in 2008 when the school first opened and became the offensive coordinator in 2009 when the Sabercats made it to the state semifinals and helped develop the talents of Kendall Thompson, Austin Haywood, Derek Serowski and others.

Brickman stayed in that role until 2012 when he took the head coaching position at Southmoore after former coach Chris Jensen left to revive the football program at Oklahoma Baptist University.

Brickman then left Southmoore to join Jensen at OBU for the 2014 season before returning to take the offensive coordinator position again for the 2015-16 seasons under present head coach Jeremy Stark.

“The school is about five minutes from my house,” Brickman said citing reasons for the move.  “That and I was only interested in a one-town, one-school situation and on top of that the facilities here are amazing.”

After going 10-2 in 2014, the Racers finished 1-9 each of the last two years.

When asked about his input into the Newcastle offense going forward, Brickman said “It will always be my offensive philosophy to call the plays and then probably bring someone else along and eventually turn those responsibilities over to them.”